Protect B & H Music & Arts Service!

Currently 2,500 children each week are engaged in Music Service activities across the city, including 500 families from low-income backgrounds who access subsidies through the service.

The Green council is proposing to completely cut the £249,000 local grant to the music service by 2013. The central government grant through the National Music Plan will also be reduced from £346,923 to £237,872 by 2014. If this happens, the funding for the music service will be less than half the current level. The fees for musical activities will inevitably rise, putting them beyond the reach of many children and leading to the decline of the service.

We believe that an ‘outstanding’ Music and Arts Service, such as we have in Brighton and Hove, is an integral part of a comprehensive education for all children in our city. We urge the Council to reverse this proposed cut that will directly impact on children and young people across the area.

What can we do about this? PTO for ideas!

‘Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything. . . . Without music, life would be an error.’ Plato

What can we do to defend the music service?

• Write to your local councillors to ask them not to cut the service. It’s important that they receive as many letters as possible on this issue before 26 Jan. To find the names of your councillors, go to

• Sign our petition, Music and Arts Service Cuts, on the B&H council website:

• ‘Like’ our Facebook page ‘Protest against the Green Council in Brighton and Hove slashing Music budget’.

• Email to say how you or your family have benefited from the music service and we’ll pass on your views to the Council.

• Come to the lobby of the Council meeting where we’ll be presenting our petition from 4pm on 26 January, Hove Town Hall.

• Join the campaign!
Email to go on our mailing list.

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